From the Sea to the Mountains



The inspiration for All Things Canvas came from years of sailing and sewing canvas for my own sailboat.  Over the years, I observed the abuse (saltwater, sun, wind, and dirt) my fabric of choice, Sunbrella®, endured and resisted and it got me thinking about putting that same durability to use in fun and functional hats and bags.


This 100% acrylic marine and awning fabric features rich colors that are solution dyed so they can’t wash out. Plus, they resist fading and remain beautiful for many years. Sunbrella® is breathable, water-repellent, and resistant to mildew and U.V. rays. Learn more about care and colors options.



For the past 30 years, I’ve been living in the western North Carolina mountains, near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This is where All Things Canvas is based and its hats and bags are conceived and constructed.


Come visit me and see our products at one of the many Arts & Crafts festivals, Garden Shows and Boat Shows that I have lined up for this year.  See my 2023 Show Schedule below!

All Things Canvas 2023 Show Schedule



Mar 31-Apr 2, 2023

Flowertown Festival

Azalea Park, Summerville, SC


April 29-30, 2023

Art Market at Honey Horn

Hilton Head Island, SC


May 26-27

Garden Jubilee

Hendersonville, NC


Visit Our Booth! And Bring Your Friends!


June 24-25, 2023

Highlands Mountaintop Art and Craft Show

Kelsey-Hutchinson Park, Pine Street

Highlands, NC


July 1-2, 2023

Summertime Arts and Crafts Show

Ramsey Center, WCU

Cullowhee, NC


July 29, 2023

Folkmoot International Festival

Waynesville, NC


August 26-27, 2023

Highlands Mountaintop Art and Craft Show

Kelsey-Hutchinson Park, Pine Street

Highlands, NC





September 30, 2023

Mountain Heritage Day

Western Carolina University

Cullowhee, NC


October 7-8, 2023

John C Campbell Folk School Fall Festival

Brasstown, NC


October 14, 2023

Church Street Show

Waynesville, NC


November 24-25, 2023

Hard Candy Christmas

Ramsey Center, WCU

Cullowhee, NC



All Things Canvas is proud to offer superior hats and bags to customers around the world. Come read about the company and its commitment to providing you with the finest handcrafted canvas goods available.


All Things Canvas Fabrics


Our All Things Canvas Bags are made from Sunbrella®, a marine-grade, 100%-acrylic fabric that endures and resists the rigors of the outdoor world—constant exposure to sun, saltwater, and dirt.


Cleanup’s a breeze! Scrub dirt away with a mild solution of soap (Dawn Dish Soap) and lukewarm water, then rinse well and air dry.


For the smaller bags, I just use my kitchen sink.  For larger bags, try your bathtub or take the bag outside and put in a large bucket with lukewarm water and mild soap solution, soak, scrub (I use an old tooth brush on the really soiled spots). Then use a garden hose to rinse well.  10-15 minutes in the sun and you will have a dry bag ready to go.


View Sunbrella Stain Chart or visit their webiste for further details




Our All Things Canvas Hats are made of 100% marine-grade cotton duck canvas; lined with a cotton print.


Clean up is a breeze! Machine or hand wash in mild solution of soap and lukewarm water, rinse well with water, reshape as you like, and air dry. Shop our hats!

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All Things Canvas by Jan Kleinrath